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Jack Daniel's Whiskey - Turno7 Campaign

1840 Creative was chosen for Jack Daniel's WhiskeyTurno7 national campaign for being creative, being authentic and valuing craft and independence. You can catch all four videos playing on YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and Facebook. Watch the main video below and see the rest at - Article by Sandra A. Trevino

1840 Creative is super excited by this article written about the "why" of what we do and our heritage of excellence, culture, and craftsmanship. Click on on the photo below to be redirected to the article on the main Gozamos website. 

Gozamos 1840 Creative

WGN News - Report and Segment by Erin Ivory

1840 Creative was honored to host Ms. Erin Ivory of WGN News for this segment that played for an entire week! Thank you to all the folks who reached out before the segment even ended airing on TV. We appreciate your support and kind words. Click on the screenshot below to be redirected to the segment on the WGN website.

Chicago WGN Report 1840 Creative