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1840 Creative is a custom woodworking and steel fabrication studio that designs and handcrafts quality custom, industrial, and modern-industrial furniture. 

Launched in Chicago, 1840 Creative was established by Yair Rodriguez and Elvis Ortega.

It was the result of Yair’s passion for woodworking (as he comes from a family of carpenters) and Elvis’ passion for steel (as he comes from a family of steel workers). Since both enjoy working with their hands, they launched 1840 Creative as a way to fuse their passion for wood & steel to create custom handcrafted furniture made from local resources. 

The number "1840" itself comes from a reference to the Industrial Revolution - a time when there was a transition between wood and steel. As artisans, Yair and Elvis always look for ways to incorporate one with the other to create a unique esthetic and style.  

Whether providing custom design services for clients or fabricating pieces for sale, 1840 Creative products always reflect a standard of excellence and are backed by the business vision and core values. 


We want to give "old" wood a new wife and have our clients to fall in love with their pieces. Along the way, our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience. 


Craftsmanship | We were brought up to "do things right the first time." We refuse to compromise on quality or safety. 

Integrity | We guarantee our builds and will provide feedback/push back on designs when needed. 

Communication + Transparency | If we can build it, we will commit. If something is beyond our scope, we will refer you out. 

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